We work hard to create The Hive Mentality within our communities. We do this through Programs, Partnerships, Projects and Sponsors. It is within these confines that we ensure that we can make the biggest difference in supporting ALL BEES in our urban and rural areas. Have a look around and see what we have been up to.


Our PROGRAMS are built around fundamental values of collaboration. It is understood that the strength of a honey bee colony is the diversity of its individuals, and we feel the same way about our programming. We run all of our programs with the belief that diversity and participation will make a a more resilient beekeeping community.

Plan-Bee Swarm Catching Program

Community Hive Collaborative Purchase


We aim to offer an abundance of FREE information to encourage and nurture you on your honey beekeeping adventures. Find free downloadable HONEY BEE PDFs as well as more FREE information in our members site. Join for free, become a member of our FORUM, find a mentor, Catch Swarms, or just learn more about beekeeping in the prairies.

Selecting a Bee Yard

Essential Equipment List

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We LOVE bees. All kinds of bee. NATIVE BEES are incredibly interesting and a natural part of our ecosystems. Honey bees were introduced to this continent by settlers. Before them, native bees did all of the tasks of pollinating crops and plants and are incredibly efficient, diverse, and different than honey bees. There is a lot you can do to create habitat, nesting sites, and protect these little native critters. Check out the tools we have created to support you in making your yard “ALL BEES” friendly!

Native Bee Downloadable Fact Sheets

Little Books on Bees: Bumble Bees Publication

Little Books on Bees: Solitary Bees Publication


Just because the winters are long and hard in the prairies, doesn’t mean that you can’t build a beautifully buzzing garden. Did you know that the Canadian Prairies has an average of over 300 hours of daylight in July? Long days make for a happy days.

We have worked long and hard to put together prairie focussed GARDENING advice and creative designs to encourage your garden supports bee activity. Check out what we have in store for you.

Habitat Creation

Little Books on Bees: Gardening Publication