Our children are our future. And we at ABC Bees want to see a future where everyone understands and appreciates the importance of bees. Teaching children is a lot of work and we are eager to do our best to make it easier on teachers. We are always putting together TEACHING MATERIALS AND TOOLS to encourage more dynamic learning ideas for the classroom. Have a look at what we have put together for you!


Whether you’re a parent looking for some fun and educational activities for your little one, or an educator or kid yourself, you will find some creative and unique activities to ABC Bees here. Our KIDS ACTIVITIES listings are a unique part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that there is something here for everyone. Have a look and see what we have here.


We love visiting schools and sharing our passion for bees with students. Our SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS not only bring a real beekeeper to the classroom, but also offer educational presentations focussing on the K-3 school curriculum. Our excellent beekeeping educator shares information on honey bees and native bees, plants and pollination. Click here to book a presentation and learn more.