Want Bees for 2012? Well, let’s make that happen then!

Last year, Eliese co-ordinated the Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees and Equipment, and this year decided that she could use some help, so here we are! Our community will have access to 75 colonies for 2012, so we need to make the most of it! I would like to briefly introduce myself.  I am going to be working with Eliese to assist her with organizing activities for A.B.C, primarily the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase. I am acting as the Volunteer Coordinator for this project.

You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in volunteering for bee-related activities at some point in the past.  Although the bees are resting, it is time for us to start getting organized for the upcoming busy bee season, and make a plan to get bees in your yard!

The following table outlines the main projects relating to the purchase of bees and equipment.  If none of these projects appeals to you, don’t worry, there will be other volunteer opportunities in the future! However, it is important to note that unless an adequate number of volunteers come forward to support this project, Eliese and I will not be able to move forward with organizing the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase. With more than 100 people expected to participate this coming year, it would just be too much to organize. Along with the perks of guaranteeing you the bees and equipment that you so desperately want, you will also join in with a great community of bee-lovers and have a lot of fun leading up to summer bee-months!

I would like to invite you to an organizational meeting to designate coordinators and volunteers for each the exciting positions available for the collaborative purchase.  The date for the meeting is December 11th, 2011 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please reply ASAP if you are interested in attending the meeting. Contact me, Connie, at cseidle@shaw.ca

I look forward to meeting with you and solidifying a plan for the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase.

Thank you

Connie Seidle

Project Tasks Estimated # of Volunteers Needed Total Time Commitment for the Task (to be discussed) Estimated Timeline for Completion
Bee PurchasePhase I 3 Jan 1 – Feb 8
  Accept applications and payment 2 Jan 1 – Feb 8
  Collate applications, confirming payment has been received BP Coordinator + 1 Completed by  Feb 28
  Contact applicants whose payment has been denied BP Coordinator Completed by Mar 15
  Contact ‘wait list’ applicants BP Coordinator Completed by Mar 31
Bee DistributionPhase IV May 1 – May 20
  Arrange venue BD Coordinator
  Notify applicants 1 May 1 – May 18
  Organize event activities (e.g.: food, road signage, etc) 2 May 1 – May 18
  Venue setup BD Coordinator + 4 May 20
Eq’t Purchase Phase II
  Generate list of eq’t that can be ordered EP Coordinator Jan 1 – 15
  Source eq’t 2 Jan 1 – Feb 8
  Compile and distribute eq’t list and prices 2 Feb 1 – 8
  Accept eq’t orders
  Collate orders, confirming payment has been received EP Coordinator + 1 Completed by  Feb 28
Eq’t DistributionPhase III
  Arrange venue ED Coordinator
  Notify applicants 1 Apr 1 – Apr 18
  Organize event activities (e.g.: food, road signage, etc) 2 Apr 1 – Apr 18
  Bundle purchases for each buyer ED Coordinator + 4 Apr 21
  Notify buyers of any short-listed eq’t 1 Apr 22 – 27
  Venue setup ED Coordinator + 4 Apr 28
  Distribute eq’t ED Coordinator +4 Apr 28
  Compile list of issues from eq’t distribution 1 Apr 29
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  • Patricia
    Posted at 20:06h, 20 December Reply

    How can I buy the minimum quantity of bees and equipment to have a hive at home???
    I am thinking about taking the level 1 course that you are offering in Calgary.
    I would appreciate your response.
    Thank you very much,
    Patricia Alegre

    • bees4communities
      Posted at 20:31h, 07 August Reply

      SORRY about the late response, i am only seeing this now. As for bees and minimum number, you would want to start with about 2lbs of bees (package) or a nuc (3 frames of bees and brood). As for the equipment, you would want to order equipment through the collabortaive purchase we do, http://www.thecommunityhive.org, every year, the next one in 2013, so that you get what you needd, you get local bees, and you get to order with other beekeepers just like you.

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    Posted at 18:49h, 07 August Reply

    […] – You have time to connect with other beekeepers and participate in the 2013 Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees and Equipment. […]

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