Hey everyone! THE BEES ARE COMING!

If you ordered bees through the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees and Equipment, you can expect to get your bees on the 26th of May! We are very excited to be inviting in 96 colonies of bees to the city of Calgary, as well as 18 other colonies for beekeepers in the surrounding area. So many bees, and all of them coming from loving and reliable beekeeping outfits in BC and Sask this year. BC’s bees are coming from Bill Stagg of www.sweetacreapiaries.ca and the Sask. bees are coming from www.tonylalondesales.ca.

You will be contacted in the next week about the location of hive pick-up. Here are general details:

Great news! Your Bee Nuc(s) will be ready for pick-up on Sunday, May 26 at Chiron Farm

This year there are two times for picking up your bees.

1. Pick-up & Go: if you simply want to pick up your bees and be on your way, please arrive at Chiron Farm between 11am and 12pm on SundayRecommended for seasoned beekeepers.

2. Hiving Demo: if you would like to see Eliese’s hiving demo, please arrive at Chiron Farm at 1pm on Sunday. We will be finished up and have you on your way by 3pm. Recommended for 1st timers and those wanting a refresher.

Please note that there is no street parking at Chiron Farms, only a limited parking lot.

Any equipment that you did not receive on the CHCP Equipment distribution will be made available for you on the 26th. Please bring protective equipment and wratchet straps if you are expecting a 9F Colony from Tony Lalonde.


If you are on the hunt for bees, you can join us for the Swarm Catchers Training Session on June 7th. More information about how to participate here!

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