ABC Bees Wins Co-operators Impact! Grant

ABC Bees is pleased to announce that it has won the Co-operators Impact! Youth for Sustainability Grant for the second year in a row. This $5000 grant is offered to students who attended the 2009 Co-operators Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership. This funding is going to go toward furthering educational opportunities on honeybees and native pollinators within the city of Calgary!

Impact!: The Co-operators Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership was a four-day conference held in September that brought 180 students together in Guelph, Ontario to learn from and work with sustainability experts from business, non-governmental organizations and academia. The students developed recommendations for more sustainable practices in various sectors of the economy, and each made a personal pledged to work to create a healthier, greener world in the years ahead. The Co-operators created the Impact! Fund to support them in their efforts.

“The passion and energy demonstrated at the conference was nothing short of inspiring,” said Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of The Co-operators. “We wanted to make sure the participants could continue to make an impact well beyond the four days they spent together in the fall. With our financial support, we’re helping a dozen of the best and brightest do just that.”

The Impact!: The Co-operators Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership is happening again in 2011. To apply or learn more about Co-operators projects, click here!

Thank you Co-operators for helping ABC Bees bring sustainable educational opportunities to the community!

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