Eliese Watson


Eliese is the founder and master beekeeper of ABC Bees. Since founding ABC Bees in 2010, it has become the leading beekeeping education company in Canada. Over her career, Eliese has taught beekeeping across North America, been featured in Forbes Magazine, and represented small scale beekeepers to the Canadian Senate. Eliese has developed strong beginner, intermediate, and advanced beekeeping programming that has been shared with thousands of students. Eliese also teaches small-scale apiary production in a 5-week course online to other farmers, hobbyist, and enthusiasts from around the world through the Level One Beekeeping Course

Eliese is an educator at heart but beekeeping is her passion. She maintains tight management practices with her colonies, and includes diverse stocks in her apiary.  This is an effort to breed quality queens for the prairie climate and  resilient survival stocks for treatment-free management. Mentoring under Bill Stagg, John Gates, Michael Bush, and Sam Comfort, her experience in ethical and caring management of queens is expansive.

Eliese believes in the values of the “Hive Mentality Using Bees as a Conduit”. This means that not only does she support new beekeepers looking to expand their skills, she believes the more the public understands about bees, the greater the conservation effort will be. 

Through ABC Bees, she runs conservation programming for children, community associations, and private organizations. Eliese has also published four books engaging the public about bees; the trilogy Little Bees On Bees: Solitary Bees, Bumble Bees, Gardening for Bees, and a book for supporting teachers educating children about the importance of bees Bee Inspired: Teaching Resource.

Eliese spends her time away from the bees with her husband and children in the garden, doing crafts, and connecting with friends and family.