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Eliese Watson

ABC Bees Founder, Beekeeper and Educator

Eliese Watson started ABC Bees in 2010 and has shared her passion for honey bees and building connections to the community through bees all over North America. A happy mother, beekeeper, fisher-woman, hiker, baker, and chopper of wood; Eliese loves being outside and talking about BEES! She is so proud of the community that has supported her and her dream of building a beekeeping company that was focussed on educating the public on hive management, urban stewardship for native bees, and youth programs and outreach. She is living her dream through her work with ABC Bees.


Theresa Romansky

ABC Bees Bee Inspired: A Teachers Manual Creator

I have 25+ wonderful years of teaching experience with young children.  One of my endeavours was always to give “small things with no voice” a place in the classroom environment.  Currently, my favourite part of beekeeping is putting my head inside a hive – listening to the buzzing of wings and the sweet smell of honey just makes my heart sing!


Stacey Cedergren

ABC Bee's Gate Keeper and Native Bee-Gardening Expert

Stacey Cedergren was first introduced to ABC Bees in 2010 when she attended a weekend beekeeping course taught by Eliese Watson. Already an enthusiastic vegetable gardener, she was enchanted by the world of bees and the potential for urban agriculture to create a healthier food system. It is her belief that one of the most important steps towards achieving greater food security is to create tangible relationships between people, the food they eat and natural environment it originates from.

Sara Haney

ABC Bees School Educator and Leader

Sara Haney grew up in Wisconsin where she earned her degrees in Biology and Education.  She was a science teacher in Louisiana and Oregon before moving to Alberta.  Her passion for teaching led her to starting her own businesses, earning her Permaculture Design Certificate,  and working for Apiaries and Bees for Communities (ABC).  When she lived in Oregon, Sara learned about keeping bees and honey extraction from some great friends who owned a micro-farm and 2 hives of bees.  Her fascination with bees continued when she moved to Alberta, where she is now an instructor for ABC.  When Sara is not teaching children about bees, she teaches classes for Apple Tree Sustainables on making homemade body products and is co-owner and educator at Puzzle Permaculture, Inc.