Wanting to move forward with an idea or project with your friends or community?

Would you like to see locally owned businesses thrive in your community?

Communities across Alberta are playing a lead role in their local economy by pooling their savings to finance local business development. However, it’s more than just the money. It’s also about mobilizing local expertise and connecting an entire community to an exciting project.

Is there a need for a local business in your community, perhaps an old building that could use some new life?

Learn more about how you can play a lead role in building an amazing local economy in your community.

Have a look at this article about the ACCA and the work that they are doing http://thrivecalgary.org/2014/03/odcs-opportunity-local-investment/

If you have some interest to learn more about Cooperatives and other forms of investing in your future business, think about attending the upcoming webinar!



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