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Queen Rearing Basics

Outcomes Learners will acquire a foundational understanding of the essential techniques and practices involved in raising queens.   Key Takeaways  The queen rearing process begins with the presence of purple-eyed drone pupa, indicating the drones’ sexual maturity for mating with new queens. Pre-feeding the hives with light syrup and pollen patties stimulates development and provides […]

Setting Goals for Queen Production

Outcomes Learners will be able to set effective goals for queen rearing and sustainable apiary management by considering crucial factors like environment, seasonal flows, colony strength, proximity to other hives, and apiary size.   Key Takeaways    Goal setting for queen rearing requires considering various factors, including the environment, seasonal flows, proximity to other hives, […]

Holistic Apiary Management With Bill Stagg

holistic management for queen and nuc production

Outcomes Learners will have knowledge about natural beekeeping, including the significance of observing bees, allowing swarming, providing natural nutrition, and timing colony splits for successful apiary management.   Key Takeaways  Beekeepers can learn valuable insights from observing and studying the behavior of bees in their natural environment. Allowing bees to swarm is crucial for the […]