This spring, A.B.C founder Eliese Watson started the non-profit, The Community Pollinator Foundation, which focused on developing educational opportunities for the public on native bee species in the urban environment. With projects such as the Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Parent Program, and the Resonating Bodies Calgary Zoo installation, the Community Pollinator Foundation has received a lot of support from the Calgary community.

On September 1, 2011, The Community Pollinator Foundation had the exciting honor to be featured on The Discovery Channels The Daily Planet. The show aired 2 months after the full day interview with 2 camera men, a sound guy and a producer. Running around the city, rescuing bumblebees and doing interviews was very exciting for all of us! View the interview and have a laugh with us!

Thank you CBC and The Daily Planet staff for putting us on national television and making our dreams come true!

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