I would like to send out my great thanks to the following beekeepers here in Calgary who played a primary and phenomenal role in rescuing, hiving, mentoring, and supporting honeybees and honeybee keepers this summer. Without you, our community wouldn’t be so vibrant!

– Michael Lawson and Ashley Lawson, leaders in swarm captures and mentorship.

– Bruce Hardardt and Fern Hietkamp, excelling in supporting local beekeepers in mentorship management and care!

– Bob Little, building and distributing beehives at last minute to beekeepers throughout Calgary!

– Bruce Watson, volunteering excellence!

– Marilyn Anne Love, community hive chat room commentary and support!

– Marg Shulhan, supportive and excellent advocate for urban beekeeping in Calgary!

– Kenn Jorgensen, enthusiastic volunteer and eager beekeeper.

– Jayce Nagie, phenomenal coordinator and persistent leader!

– Deanne Mudd, spreads the word of the bee-cause and inspires others to participate!

The 2012 season was a great success with over 29 calls responded to through the www.thecommunityhive.org online program and 6 caught through the www.backyardbees.ca website. The Plan-Bee Swarm Catchers Group has done a wonderful job at advocating for honeybee awareness within the city of Calgary this 2012 season by answering questions to homeowners and those around about honeybee health, dangers, and their future here in the city. It is through volunteers like those listed above that make urban beekeeping in Calgary successful and sustainable! Thank you Calgary for supporting us in our advocacy for honeybee health and awareness by contacting us instead of killing them! We greatly appreciate your care for the little bees!


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