On April 26, the Fairmont Palliser’s two bee hives were moved back to their urban setting. Nestled in the quite community of Inglewood just east of the Fairmont Palliser, the ‘Honey Bee Hotel’ and ‘Miss Bee Haven’, as they are affectionately known by our colleagues, survived the winter with tremendous success. Under the maintenance of Eliese Watson of Apiaries and Bees for Communities, the two hives are ready for another year of honey production downtown Calgary. Executive Chef Paul Peddle is already planning on ways to incorporate this year’s honey surplus into our menus in the Oak Room lounge and the Rimrock Restaurant. Last fall guests were treated with our very own honey comb on our charcuterie boards, which was extremely popular. A true testament to Chef Peddle’s commitment to building a menu around locally sourced sustainable items. This will be the Fairmont Palliser’s third season with bees and we once again are buzzing with excitement for what the season has to offer, hopefully with a few less bees stings.




As members of the Bees4Communities Project, A.B.C will be taking care of these colonies and using them as educational programming centres for new and budding urban beekeepers here in Calgary. As a part of the program, the Fairmont Palliser receives report cards on their 2 colonies development monthly. See the report cards for April below:


Honeybee Hotel colony:PAL_HBHRC_April2013

MissBeeHaven colony: PAL_MBHRC_April2013



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