Frequently Asked Questions

When will registration for the next ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Certificate Online open?

The next Level One Beekeeping Certificate Online begins October 19, 2020. It is the last course offering for 2020. There will be only 2 more offerings of the course in 2021 and will occur before April 1. If you want to sign-up for notifications on the next course offerings, visit the Course Website.

When will your nucleus colonies be available?

The Collaborative Purchase of honey bees runs for the month of February, beginning February 1. All people wanting bees through our program must complete the following:

  • Application
  • Pass the quiz
  • Pay for bees by March 22 if selected

Learn more about the program by going to the Nucleus Colony Purchase Page

When will your queens be available?

Eliese starts her queen production in early April, but does not have queens for ready-sale until late June-late September.
Learn more about how to get on the queens-for-sale email list, and be notified with pre-sales and active sales are under way, go to the Queen Sales Page

Are the ABC Bees apiaries open to the public? Can I come for a quick visit or take some photos?

The farm is also the family home and is therefore closed to the public. Thank you in advance for understanding.

When will products marked as "Sold Out" be available again?

Honey: Our honey is sold out for the season and will not be available again until Fall 2021

Tools & Supplies: We will re-stock these items as soon as we receive additional inventory. Dates vary by product.

Gifts & Gear: Our calendars are sold out for the season but should be available before 2021

Please use the “email when available” feature to be notified when items have been re-stocked.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, ABC Bees offers limited international shipping.  ABC Bees only ships in Canada and the United States. 

Our Shipping & Delivery page has additional details and restrictions related to shipping seeds and products internationally.

When will my order be shipped?

Unless otherwise noted in the product description, most orders ship from our farm within 3–4 business days, so domestic packages should arrive to you within a week. Orders placed Friday–Sunday will ship out the following week. We are unable to expedite orders at this time.

Can I sell ABC Bees books in my shop?

If you are interested in stocking Bee Inspired: Teaching Resource or any of the three Little Books on Bees, please email us at

Is Eliese available for speaking engagements at bee clubs or other events?

With a new book in the works, plus a bigger apiary to tend, Eliese’s public speaking availability is extremely limited and she is not booking any new events in 2020 or until March 2021.

Level One Beekeeping Certificate Online

When will you open up enrollment for your next online certificate?

The ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Certificate is only offered a couple of times a year, and it is hosted through Red Deer College.
Sign up for the waitlist, and be notified as soon as the course is offered again.

Will you be hosting any in-apiary workshops?

With another new book in the works and a growing apiary to tend, we do not plan to host any on-farm workshops in 2021. All of our teaching efforts will be focused on the ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Certificate Online . You can learn more about the Future of ABC Bees Workshops here.

Why, when I want to register for the course, am I taken to a third party site?

The Level One Beekeeping Certificate is a post-secondary accredited program. That why, when you register, you are registering with Red Deer College. We are running the entire course through their Continuing Education department.

ABC Bees Product & Shipping Questions

Do you have gift certificates available?

Not yet! We are building out digital and mail-able gift cards now. Contact us if you would like to get something before we have what we’re building online.

Do you offer wholesale honey?

We are offering wholesale honey exclusively to a very limited number of retail stores and are unable to accommodate additional requests at this time.

Can I change my order?

Once an order has been placed, we cannot add or subtract items. If you want additional items not included in your original order, please place a new order. We are rarely able to combine separately placed orders. Please email us if this occurs at

What is your return policy?

You can find details on our return policy listed here.