PHONE 042If you have bees, you are probably chomping at the bit to get in there and see how they are doing, especially after that warm spell we just had. Here are some useful links that you can look at as you consider feeding your bees this spring. Feeding your bees is a great way to help a colony that may be weak after the winter and if you feel that honey stores are low. This is especially imperative if this is the case as the brood nest is expanding quite quickly and the bees are using their winter stores of pollen and honey to feed their future generations and spring foraging populations. Remember, you always keep bees looking 3 weeks in to the future. So, that means that you should be taking actions now to create the hive you want to see in 3 weeks. Here are some useful contacts and links that can help you along:

A.B.C’s To Feed or Not to Feed?

PDF on Feeding Bees, nutrition, and health, Fat Bees Skinny Bees: Australian Government

Fondant and Feed Recipes

Purchasing Pollen Patties: Global Patties, Airdrie Alberta

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