LOCAL PRODUCTS: Frame Assembly Jigs

Fraser Ross has two sets of frame jigs for sale, a 2 frame jig ($15) and an 8 frame jig ($30). They are manufactured out of HDPE and consist of 2 main components, the base plate and the spacers. The spacers are designed to fit a standard frame (only tested for far with mann lake frames) and apply pressure to the side frames to secure them in place during assembly. The base plates allow for easy installation with predrilled holes for proper alignment and spacing. This design takes advantage of a standard super without destroying it (putting side holes in for bars) and also makes for easy storage. Glue will not stick very well to the HDPE and since the pieces can be disassembled, they are easy to clean. If you would like to purchase one, or ask more questions, email Fraser at frazer.ross@gmail.com

  • SKeaPer
    Posted at 08:26h, 21 April Reply

    If you are going to do hundreds of frames a jig is handy. For one or two hives it isn t a necessity.

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