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Keeping Track of Your Bees

There is a lot to be said for a well kept beekeeping log, especially throughout the winter months as you review your beekeeping season, make decisions on spring management, and try to understand more about what succeeded and what failed. If you don’t take good notes, are you learning as quickly as you could be?

This beekeeping inspection sheet is there to help you ask the important questions every time you enter your beehive. It is set up that a single sheet, printed double sided, will record 8 inspections for a single colony. Use the sheet for 1 hive, then you are better able to track changes in your beehive over time.

When inspecting, you should always be asking the following quesitons.

Am I queenright?

How does the brood pattern look?

Are there signs of queen replacement?

Is the colony increasing, or decreasing in size?

Are there signs of disease?