Fall is the time where varroa populations can be at their height, and it is very important that you are aware of their populations and take actions before you wrap them up for the winter. This workshop will offer you management options as well as share with you 4 different means of getting a sample of your varroa populations, as well as treatment and treatment-free methods of varroa removal methods from hives in all seasons or levels of development.

The workshop will also cover varroa related diseases commonly indicative of high varroa concentrations.

If you are interested in taking this course, please go to www.backyardbees.ca/courses. Course details are below:

IPM Workshop: Understanding Varroa

Date: August 24th, 2013

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: TBA

Cost: $65.00

Info: Please come prepared to work with active colonies and pack a lunch. Refreshments and snacks will be offered.

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