The 2019 Schedule of Courses will be put online in February

In years past, we have offered the Level Two Beekeeping Program as a summer long commitment.  This year we are going to try to offer it as split up in to 4 separate skill development days offered once each in the season. These courses are limited to 10 students per course. This way, you can choose between taking all of the courses, or just a select courses from the skill development.

To receive a full Level 2 Certificate, all 4 courses must be taken, but certificates of competition are given for all participants of each unit. All courses include Langstroth and Top Bar Hive management skills, reading requirements, hands-on components, and snacks/coffee/tea. Held at the ABC Bees rural apiary near Crossfield Alberta. This Certificate includes 6 hours of beekeeping as well as a 4 hour classroom orientation with course content.