We are proud to announce our coming release of our first book Little Books on Bees: Gardening. Stacey Cedergren (writer) and Ricole Fedyna (illustrator) have been working hard to make this book a reality. What to expect from this little book you ask? Well, it will have great info on:

  • Pollination and how bees and plants work together
  • Lifecycle and behaviour of social and solitary bees
  • ID page 7 different types of bees found commonly in your garden
  • Elements of an ideal habitat for bees
  • How to assess your space for native bees
  • Nesting and overwintering sites for native bees
  • Planning Your Garden Advice
    • Top 10 plants for bees
    • Planting:
      • Lawns
      • Shrubs and trees
      • Slightly shaded gardens
      • Container gardens
      • School gardens

AND 4 pages of plant lists including name, when they flower, and their height!

This book will be available online at after April 1, 2015

Purchase the book early at Calgary’s Seedy Saturday (March 21, 2015)


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