Local Artists’ Passion for Bees Showcased on Canvas

During the summer of 2016, and after nine months, I was nearly finished my 6ft x 5ft painting commemorating WWI. While on my breaks from this life-size piece, I often spent time watching the wild bees exploring my garden – from vegetables, to dandelions to perennials. As child after a bee sting, I feared these creatures, yet I was still fascinated by them. 

Now during these observations, I began to be inspired to paint them. Given the size of my latest piece and it`s challenging and emotional subject matter, I decided to take a break and using “my bees” as the main characters create some small acrylic paintings on 8” x 8” canvases.  Having realized just how close I could study them this proximity became apparent in the final pieces. With their beautiful bright and woolly bodies, I found myself visualizing tiny flying teddy bears but with effortless wings and delightful antenna! This idea comes across in “Teddy-Bees First Flight”.  My intention with these images is to express the glorious spirit and nature of the bees in my backyard.

To learn more about this series, please visit www.DeannaLavoie.com/gallery/#/little-creatures

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