In 2010, approximately 70 Municipal Governments and many Provincial Governments in Canada officially issued Proclamations and dozens of celebrations, festivals and events took place across Canada. The first ever “Day of the Honey Bee” was a huge success. It attracted quite a bit of media attention and as a result, even more people were made aware of the threats to the Honey Bee. Now, more people than ever can appreciate how incredibly important these wonderful pollinators are to our way of life.

This year, over 150 Municipal governments have issued Proclamations for “Day of the Honey Bee” May 29, 2011. That is more than double the success we saw last year. Numerous Provincial Governments are also declaring the day. Eventually, it will become a federal day of Canada, like Flag Day, Daffodil Day or St. Patrick’s Day. It currently remains as a Motion in the House of Commons.

We are following suit here in Calgary!

OpeningMarketPosterWe are teaming up the Hillhurst-sunnyside Farmers Market to host not only the First Outdoor Special Market of the 2013 season, but the un-official Day of the Honeybee! We will be offering honey sticks, a photo booth, information about honeybees, and a costume competition during the markety from 3-7pm. Then at 7:30pm, we will be offering an opportunity for you to watch the film, Queen of the Sun for FREE with popcorn and other snacks offered! Come on down and enjoy what urban agriculture and beekeeping has to offer!

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