Become a self-sufficient beekeeper by raising your own queens! Now, A.B.C has a FAQ page just for you beekeepers interested in raising your own queens. After attending the Queen Rearing workshop at Bill Stagg’s Sweetacre Apiaries on the Shuswap, we took notes and made an easy and navigatable FAQ page based off of the information shared by John Gates, long-time BC bee breeder. The page covers the following questions and more:

Q: Why do bees raise queens?

Q: what is the most successful QR method?

Q: What is essential for QR?

Q: How do you feel about the queens that come from a swarm?

Q: what is the lifecycle of the queen and why is it important for a young egg needed?

Q: How does a queen ensure her ability to lie fertilized (worker female bees) and unfertilized (drone male bees)?

Q: How long until the queen must mate after emergence to be viable?

Q: What is the difference between workers, drone, and queens?

Q: what is an inter-cast queen?

Q: How can you tell the difference between swarms and supersede queen cells?

Q: How do you ensure that the hive pulls wax?

Q: Where is the best place the set up a mating nucs?

Q: What is the weather conditions needed for mating?

Q: What is the timing for the Queen Rearing schedule?

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