Beekeeping is an art, a real old fashioned art. It is those who keep bees who have learned the tao of the backyard. I met Anna through Stephan. Stephan comes from a family line of beekeepers and sought me out after reading an article about A.B.C in Swerve magazine. Ann has been keeping bees for over 60 years, 25 of those years here in Calgary.

Ann started beekeeping after finding a swarm on a lamp post. She was the first electrician in her community before the Second World War in the Ukraine. She went to a neighbors, borrowed a box, stayed for dinner, then went and got the bees. After the War, she came to Canada and has bees ever since. She has never had more than 4 hives, but has often had less. She shared her bees with A.B.C and the local perish! It is individuals like these that enrich the community and are resources for all of us to learn from!

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