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Beekeeping not only supports community pollination, food supplies, and fosters bee populations, but it can also be profitable.

In this course you will learn the basics of beekeeping from industry expert Eliese Watson of ABC Bees. During this five-week course, students explore key management principles for honey bee colonies in the high prairie. Whether you are already maintaining hives or are just getting started, this course provides in-depth information to ensure sustainable and self-sufficient honey bee colonies.

Topics explored include: 

  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Getting Started: The Basics
  • Nectar and Pollen Plants
  • To Feed or Not to Feed
  • Seasonal management: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • Honey Bee Health
  • Integrated Pest Management

Program Format

  • Certificate is achieved on successful completion of online units
  • Flexible learning in a 5 week program
  • Collaborative sessions with the instructor weekly.
  • Study time required to an estimated total of 35 hours per course


“I loved learning from Eliese. Her knowledge is immense and I felt like I was being guided, especially when she would teach multiple options and then make recommendations based on her expertise.  I appreciate that, despite her expertise, she was able to present information in a way that even us beginners could absorb it.  She used simple terms and explained as she went.  The building block & style of moving through the content made me feel really confident in her knowledge and presentation of it.”

– Former Student

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Instructor, Eliese Watson

Eliese Watson
Master Beekeeper, RDC Instructor