We work hard to create The Hive Mentality within our communities. We do this through Programs, Partnerships, Projects and Sponsors. It is within these confines that we ensure that we can make the biggest difference in supporting ALL BEES in our urban and rural areas. Have a look around and see what we have been up to.


Our PROGRAMS are built around fundamental values of collaboration. It is understood that the strength of a honey bee colony is the diversity of its individuals, and we feel the same way about our programming. We run all of our PROGRAMS with the belief that diversity and participation will make a a more resilient beekeeping community.

Plan-Bee Swarm Catching Program

Community Hive Collaborative Purchase

Community Hive Forum

ABC Bees Phone Inspection App


The PROJECTS that we run are dynamic and meet the needs of the wider community. We started as a company that focussed on ‘exclusive to beekeepers’ educational programs and projects. Over the years we have heard and responded to the greater community’s needs. Here are a list of the PROJECTS that we have running every year:

Bumble Bee Rescue Program

School Programs

Community Garden Outreach


Our PARTNERSHIPS makes ABC Bees what it is: a dynamic beekeeping production and educational company. It is our PARTNERSHIPS that allow for ABC Bees to not only own and operate over 50 colonies throughout the city and at our rural production apiary, but to also ensure that we are engaging the urban community with the local honey movement in as many facets as possible.

Our beehives are used as much for Field Days and Educational Opportunities for the public as the honey is used in beer production, commercial kitchens, healing practices, the local food bank, urban research projects and advocacy campaigns within the city of Calgary. Have a look at how we make this happen!

#Bees4Communities Partnership

Big Rock Brewery

Grow Calgary

Lowen’s Natural Skin Care

YEG Bees


Our SPONSORS are what make many of our expanding programming and projects possible. As a Social Enterprise our business primary purpose is the common good. “We use the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace to advance their social, environmental agenda”. Our SPONSORS see the value of our programming and take the extra step to help us along on our journey of not only diversifying the common honey production model, but also in ensuring that our programs and projects remain successful.

Our SPONSORS support ABC Bees in diverse ways. Through mead tastings on our Home2Hive Tours, supplying our Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Honey Bees with exclusive rights to their Canadian honey bee stock, funding and supporting all of our programs financially, or the wonderful act of supplying 30 bee suits and 2 bicycles to ensure that everyone can participate in our sticky handed events.
Check out our generous donors and learn what they have done to make your access to ABC Bees Programs robust and exciting!

Fallentimber Meadery

LUSH Cosmetics


Sweetacre Apiaries

Swizzlesticks Salon and Spa

Contact us if you’re interested in becoming an ABC Bees Sponsor.