Are you eager to learn more about the vast and exciting world of bees? For groups of garden or bee enthusiasts, ABC’s educators can provide Gardening for Bees presentations to get you on the right track. Learn how life cycles and behaviour vary between species, the key requirements for creating a supportive habitat and gardening tips to turn your space, large or small, into a pollinator haven.

Gardening for Bees presentations can be catered to large or small audiences and are suitable for lunch & learns, community groups, conferences, you name it! We are more than happy to customize the presentation’s content based on your needs so, if there is a particular topic or concern you’d like to focus on, please let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your audience’s needs.

Apiaries & Bees for Communities is here to inspire your summer of gardening for bees! For booking inquiries contact us!

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