Since 2013 we have offered classroom visits and children summer workshops to share our passion for bees and expand our environmental stewardship practices to schools and youth programs throughout the city of Calgary.

Each year ABC Bees receives nearly 100 calls and emails about found bumble bee nests. After learning that bumble bees are docile and their colonies are annual, most homeowners are happy to let the bees stay. Unfortunately, some nests are in troublesome locations or become a nuisance.

In 2016 ABC Bees will be running a NEW version of the Bumble Bee Rescue and Foster Parent Program, which first launched in 2011. The primary goal of this program will be to encourage homeowners to allow the bees to remain for the season, as bumble bees struggle with a loss of habitat and suitable nesting sites. If I colony cannot remain, ABC Bees will offer a removal service and will relocate the colony to partners within the community. This program will run from June-August.

If You Have a Nest:

Bumble bees are a ground-nesting species and in urban areas are often found In old bird nests, soffits, under decks and near foundations. Having a bumble bee nest in your yard may be a little unnerving however, the bees are very docile, unlikely to sting and their nests are usually no bigger than your hand–containing 50-200 bees. They no not cause damage to your house and in the fall, when the colony dies, you can close up the entrance to prevent it from being used next year.

If the colony is a nuisance and you want to attempt to move the nest, this website has some great advice:

If you would like ABC Bees to remove the nest, please complete the following request form and you will be contact to arrange the removal below.

The fee for removal is $120. We do have a $50 consulting fee if we show up for a removal and the nest cannot be removed or if it is not a bumble bee nest. If you would like to keep the bumble bee nest in an ABC bumble bee box, there is an additional $40 fee for the nesting box and placement.