This year has been a big year for beekeeping in Calgary, and with UNA Pizza and Wine and Ox and Angela’s participation, it will continue to grow. After a tough winter and slow spring build-up, the Bees4Communities hives were brought to Calgary from Tony Lalond’s apiary just east of Saskatoon. The hives were inspected by Geoff Wilson, Saskatchewan’s Provincial Apiculturist, before making the move to Alberta, and were found to have no disease or health concerns. The two UNA/Ox colonies were installed at their beautiful garden home at River Run in Shouldice Park on June 10th. The location has vast river and park access, which should provide ample foraging opportunities for the bees.

The location of the apiary, close to Bowness, also means that these two hives will be part of the Home2Hive Bicycle tours this summer! They were involved in the first of these interactive tours on June 10th. Tour participants, who had never been inside a beehive before, were thrilled to be able to interact with the hives, inspecting and adding an extra brood box, buzzing with energy the whole time! The bees appreciated the support and the extra room made by these new beekeepers. Both hives appeared to be incredibly strong and we are optimistic that we will have a third box, a honey super, on the hives by the end of the month!

We are so glad to have UNA and Ox and Angela on board! Their support of local food access and education, allows us at A.B.C to continue to put on beekeeping awareness campaigns and educational programming for Calgary’s public!

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