Hey there honeybee enthusiasts! I am eager to announce the second annual Plan-Bee Swarm Catchers Meeting. Here are the details:


Location: Wolf Willow Studio, #9 Spruce Centre,  off of Spruce Drive in Spruce Cliff, just West of downtown.

Date: April 25th, 2013

Time: 6-8pm

Action items for the evening!

Organize committees to make sure the season flows well!

Make work groups for:

Moderators for the Community Hive Chat Room (CHCR) group, Plan-Bee

Email account review and access, looking at emails and placing the information on the CHCR

Contacting Garden Centres with information about the group

Contacting 9-1-1, fire and police with information

Contacting 3-1-1

Create group for fliers or cards for public distribution for members to have on hand?

Hope to see you there, both online and at the event!

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