So, you wanted bees this season, but were late on the ball on getting those bees ordered. Now you are thinking “how the heck can I get me some bees?”. Well, we have the answer for you!


If you are interested in joining the Plan-Bee Swarm Catchers Group, do the following:

How-toIf you would like to join us in our training session, then you can register for the Training Day, set for June 7th, here.

We will be doing the following:

– Building swarm traps. If you would like to take one home, they are $20 each.

– Learning how to CATCH A SWARM

– FAQ’s when arriving to a yard, how to interact with the public, and how to participate in the program

– Receive fliers to have on hand when you do a removal, as well as honey sticks to sweeten the experience of the home-owners you are interacting with.

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