Level One Beekeeping Feb-March 2022

Master the skills to raise your beehive or build a beekeeping business in your backyard. 10 modules and capstone project lead by Eliese Watson through NAIT.

For more information and registration before Feb 7th, 2022 visit:

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In the Level One Beekeeping Online Workshop, Forbes Magazine featured beekeeper Eliese Watson pulls back the curtain of her small honey beekeeping operation to show you step by step how to raise and manage honey bees to produce honey in your backyard. In the workshop, covering an entire beekeeping season, Eliese shares key strategies, systems, and time-tested techniques used to build ABC Bees thriving, profitable beekeeping business with less than 50 colonies.
Join bee lovers from across North America who have created productive backyard beehives, launched successful beekeeping businesses, and discovered the joy of producing and sharing their own honey and wax products through the ABC Bees Level One Online Certificate. This comprehensive workshop includes 50+ instructional videos, weekly Q&A sessions with Eliese, and support from fellow beekeepers across Canada via the ABC Bees Learning Community, and so much more. Enrollment in the ABC Bees Level One Online Certificate is offered just 5 times per year.