Did you know? Over 85% of Canada’s honey surplus is created in Alberta, and that Canada is the 5th largest honey producer in the world? And did you also know that BC produced 20,000 nucs last year and has a market for 10x that amount in the local economy by sending bees to Alberta? And also that BC produced 30,000 queens last year and the market offers 10x that amount through Alberta and BC local sales? And did you know that currently 99% of imported colonies coming across Albertas boarders are from either NZ or Australia? So…. why should you become a self-sufficient beekeeper? Well, not only is there a market for it, it is a rare commodity in the Alberta community of beekeepers!

Come and take the Queen Rearing Workshop taught by Bill Stagg, BC Provincial Hive inspector, seller of nucs and queens at www.sweetacreapiaries.ca in Tappen BC, the heart of the Shuswap. Here is the course schedule!

Queen Rearing Workshop: Self sufficent beekeeping practice!



  • urban opportunity and urban responsibility
  • History of queen rearing
  • Caste differences, queen anatomy
  • Swarming, superceding, replacement


  • honeybee nutrition
  • Natural cell management
  • Cell builders, starters and finishers


  • Miller Method of Queen Production (graftless)
  • Assemble a Miller Frame for Langstroth hive and for KTB
  • Proceed to bee yard for installation.


  • Other graftless options
  • Doolittle grafting



  • cell development, transportation, handling
  • types of mating nuc’s, care and maintenance


  • handling, storage and shipping of queens.
  • breeding schedules and possible programs


  • back to the bee yard to check frames in colonies
  • open discussion outside


  • reviewing again queen and cell development
  • process from egg to laying queen
  • open discussion inside

For more information, or to register, please go to www.backyardbees.ca/courses

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