Seedy Saturday Calgary- March 18, 2017

For many in the gardening world, Seedy Saturday marks the beginning of the growing season. Just when winter seems to be dragging on, it’s an opportunity to step out of hibernation doldrums to reconnect with summer friends and get a jump start on spring.  Those who attend these events will find plenty of gleeful gardeners, open-pollinated and heirloom seeds, native plants, gardening advice, seed exchanges and information about local community gardens and associations.

Now a global event, Seedy Saturday made its humble debut in Vancouver in 1990. Sharon Rempel, an agronomist working on heritage gardens, organized the event to source and share heritage varieties of flowers, vegetables and grains. The Seedy event series is now overseen by Seeds of Diversity, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to preserving heirloom and endangered varieties of food crops and educating the public about their importance and cultivation. Dozens of events take place all over Canada from February to April. For events near you visit:

“May seed always be in the hands of gardeners and farmers who will share the traditional knowledge about the seed and build community owned seed banks. Seed is the heart of food security” – Sharon Rempel

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