Want to make Mead Honey Wine from your own hive?

Ursula de Vries, a local urban beekeeper and Educator at Sensual Farming is offering a Mead Making Soiree on Friday, April 11th from 7-9 at Wolf Willow Studio, 9 Spruce Centre SW Calgary (near Wildflower Arts Centre).

At this workshop, you will get the supplies and make about a gallon of Mead plus take home the equipment to make more for a few dollars a gallon. You will learn how to turn the leavings from honey extraction into a ‘choice’ hive product. Mead is a naturally fermented beverage, celebrated as a health drink, an aphrodisiac, and artisan treat. You will learn how the wine making process can be tweaked to create other culinary delights for the kitchen.

People already think you are fabulous because you are a bee keeper and activist, now, open a bottle of Mead and let them toast your greatness.

Pre-registration required:


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