Are you looking for an exciting way to share the insect world with your students?
Exclusively offered in Calgary, Alberta and area, ABC Bees now supports Gisele Hardock in her offering educators like yourself the opportunity to invite a “real-life beekeeper” in to your classroom capable of sharing information on honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees. With exciting games and great photos and props, Gisele offers an excellent presentation which will amplify your educational programs. With specimen cases, honey samples, and photo albums with pictures of beekeepers and honeybees working, your students will all be proclaiming “I want to be a beekeeper!”
We have looked closely at the CBE’s expectations

We look at the Needs of Plants and Animals and Life cycles curriculum to offer a simple but explorative look in to the world of bees. The presentations can cover any of the following topics:

  • Pollen and pollination
  • What a pollinator is and what they have in common
  • Role of the pollinator in the food web
  • Life cycles of bumblebees, solitary bees, and honeybees and how to identify/differentiate between them
  • Primary presentation on honeybee life cycles (from egg to mature bee, what are their tasks and responsibilities to the hive?)
  • Seasonal behaviours
  • Environmental impacts on honeybees: mono-cropping, pesticides and herbicides, disease
  • How the children can help the bees survive
Is there something special that you would like us to cover?

We are happy to alter and customize the presentations content based on your classrooms needs. If there is a particular topic or concern your students have decided to focus on, please let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your students needs.  Contact Gisele and we can schedule a classroom visit today!

Gisele Hardock-BW

Gisele Hardock is a beekeeper and educator based near Cochrane, Alberta. A former homeschooling parent, she now works at a forest preschool and volunteers as a literacy tutor. She has been a beekeeper for over 8 years, and has recently studied to become a Master Beekeeper through the University of Montana. Combining many years experience working with children and a love of the natural world she brings knowledge and passion to the classroom.

Gisele Hardock

Kids Classroom Educator

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