Sunday May 22, 2011, 80 beekeepers and family friends came together at Chiron Farm outside Springbank to get their honeybees! A.B.C ( put together the concept of  The Community Hive because the streams of questions in my inbox and the need of community interdepnedance with at its breeching point; A.B.C was the bottleneck of its own success! So, the Community Hive was created.  The goal of The Community Hive was to allow community beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping to get together, gain access to bees, beekeeping equipment, and information conveniently.  Since the Community Hive came together in February of this year with over 100 attendants, A.B.C has organized chat room, and the collabortaive purchase of beekeeping equipment and honeybees! The Community Hive as become a screaming success! With over 100 online members and participants, and bringing in 56 honeybee colonies to Alberta for many first-time beekeepers and over 3 palates of equipment distributed, the Calgary beekeeping community has become more resilient then ever!

Thank you to all of the participants and supporters of The Community Hive!

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