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“There’s a lot to learn about queen rearing, and we’re here to help you get started. Let’s explore the essential tools for successful queen rearing.

Meet the Chinese Grafting Tool. With its flexible head, it delicately scoops out larvae and royal jelly from cells. Perfect for grafting into queen cups safely.

Plastic queen cups come in various colors and fit easily into grafting frames. Using darker shades helps you see the grafted larvae clearly, avoiding mistakes.

Grafting bars are essential for holding the queen cups throughout development. Keep them at least an inch apart to prevent damage during removal.

Use a grafting bar frame without foundation to host the bars securely. Select the size based on your queen right finisher box.

Once the queen cell is mature, add a cell protector to safeguard it during transportation and prevent stinging.

Plastic queen cages are popular and easy to use, fitting between frames and accommodating one queen and three attendants.

Store queens in a queen shipment box or battery box to keep them shaded and consolidated for transport.

Before starting, ensure you have your headlamp, reading glasses, and moist cloths to graft with precision and maintain brood frame moisture.

For successful grafting, use a fully enclosed and ventilated shook swarm box, ensuring the frames fit easily. Store in a dark and cool place for best results.

Now you know the essential queen rearing equipment!”

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