A Quick Review


A Summary of Dr. Samuel Ramsey’s Research on Varroa

Dr. Samuel Ramsey is a celebrity in the beekeeping world. Not only has his research on Varroa destructor changed our very perception of how this parasite impacts bee health and behaviour, but his passion and character as a person encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm that beekeepers carry for their little bees!

According to The Graduate School, University of Maryland, “Ramsey’s research has been on a tiny parasitic mite, Varroa destructor, which is the single biggest contributor to the decline in health of honey populations worldwide. For nearly 50 years, researchers have believed that the mite fed on the hemolymph (the “blood”) of the honey bee. Ramsey has done extensive research on the feeding habits and nutrition of the Varroa mite that provides strong evidence that this model is incorrect, and that current methods of controlling the parasite are not only ineffective but contribute to pesticide resistance.

Ramsey’s discovery will enable researchers to develop more targeted control techniques that could help restore honey bee populations worldwide.”

We have put together a quick-review printout on Ramsey’s research to help you clearly understand the varroa mite, and its impacts on honey bee health and behaviour.