Learn what it takes to grow your beekeeping business

Are you ready to turn your hobby into a business?

Do you have a budding business that you’re looking to grow?

Are you looking for insight on the business of beekeeping?

You’re in the right place

Better Beekeeping Business is a webinar series built to set you and your business up for success. We will be bringing in accountants, insurance brokers, marketing professionals, and business planning professionals to share tips and tricks, resources, and things to keep in mind when starting a business.

Learn about the business of beekeeping from individuals who are in the business of beekeeping! They will be sharing their stories, their successes, and even their failures. 

Explore what’s really working to run and grow a small business so you can build a more effective, sustainable, and profitable business one day at a time.

Join us on the last Saturday of every month at 11 AM MST to learn how to turn your business into a Better Beekeeping Business


Get to know the speakers


Suzanne Ebelher, CMC, CPHR, MBA, is a Management Consultant bringing over 20 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs across Alberta through start up and acceleration coaching. Suzanne will be discussing the essentials components of building a business plan.

Suzanne Ebelher

March 27, 2021

Cynthia is a senior-level communicator and graphic designer. She has a reputation for solving clients’ challenges and leading teams to achieve measurable results through creative insight, strategy, and design. Cynthia will be sharing her knowledge on marketing strategies for small businesses.

Cynthia Ramdial

June 26, 2021

Alex is one of the co-founders of Alvéole. As CEO, Alex leads a team of over 100 people actively producing ultra-local honey and educating people about the role and impact of pollinators on our everyday lives. Join us for his talk on the Evolution of Alvéole.

Alex Mclean

October 30, 2021

Camille Scott is the owner and operator of Crossfield Agencies and Scott Stock Farm Ltd. Working in insurance and agriculture, Camille knows just what beekeepers are needing in terms of insurance.

Camille Scott

April 24, 2021

Eliese is the founder and master beekeeper of ABC Bees. Since founding ABC Bees in 2010, it has become the leading beekeeping education company in Canada. Eliese has developed strong beginner, intermediate, and advanced beekeeping programming that has been shared with thousands of students.

Eliese Watson

August 28, 2021

Matt Reed founded Bee Thinking in 2008, which he grew from the garage to a multi-million dollar company with over 50 employees by 2016. Bee Thinking was forced to close in 2017. Matt will be sharing the story of Colony Collapse - The Rise and Fall of Bee Thinking.

Matt Reed

November 27, 2021

Mark is a CPA, tech enthusiast, and intentional parent. He is most passionate about helping businesses be more strategic in their marketing and operations to achieve their goals. Mark will be providing information on profit tuning: an agile profit strategy for any stage of business.

Mark Stovel

May 29, 2021

Sarah Red-Laird is the founder and Executive Director of the Bee Girl organization, a nonprofit with a mission to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside. She will be sharing her experience on grassroots education and her research-based nonprofit.

Sarah Red-Laird

September 25, 2021

Debbie Gray is the founder of The Heritage Bee Co., a family-run local business of professional beekeepers who handcraft and bottle every single jar of honey by hand. The company has been a certified B Corp since 2017, which means they are committed to using business as a force for good. Join us as Debbie discusses Innovation in a Traditional Industry.

Debbie Gray

January 29, 2022