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Today we’re going to be covering everything you need to know about placing your hive.

Hive placement comes down to four simple considerations.
One as much sun as possible. This is because the longer the colony is in the sun the longer their foraging time will be and the warmer the colony will be to raise baby bees or brood.

Number two as little wind as possible. Bees are small and the more you can decrease wind penetrating the hive the greater the number of foragers will be out working in the day. Wind will also decrease your colony’s ability to keep the hive warm heat conservation is very important to a colony of bees.

The third consideration is predation. This can be wasps ants mice skunks and bears. You must keep them from your beehives!

And number four your personal comfort. You must assess your household’s needs and the municipal bylaws that may restrict hive placement plans. Bees tend to only be active within six feet or two meters from the hive entrance that is because this is their landing strip or bee line that they take entering and exiting from the colony so by simply facing the hive away from active areas on the property you can limit the exposure to bees in flight.

There is always more to think about once you’ve set up your colony but these four considerations will help you assess whether your yard is a good fit for honey bees.”

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