Apiaries & Bees for Communities is a pioneer Canada-wide for beekeeping education and innovation. We are Alberta’s only educator of beginner, intermediate, and advanced beekeeping skills as well as  managing the provinces largest commercial Treatment-Free Apiary*. ABC Bees leads the way in diversified, sustainable, and resilient apiary practices in Canada. Education. Bees. Honey.

Eliese Watson, Owner, Educator, Beekeeper

Eliese Watson, Owner, Educator, Beekeeper

Eliese Watson is the founder and senior educator of Apiaries and Bees for Communities Inc. (ABC Bees). Since founding ABC Bees in 2010, it has become the leading beekeeping education company in Western Canada. Over her career, Eliese has taught beekeeping across North America, been featured in Forbes Magazine, and represented small scale beekeepers to the Canadian Senate. Eliese has developed strong beginner, intermediate, and advanced beekeeping programming that has been shared with thousands of students.

Eliese believes in the values of the “Hive Mentality Using Bees as a Conduit”. This means that not only does she support new beekeepers and beekeepers looking to expand their skills, she believes that the more the public understands about bees, the better our communities and environment will become.

Through ABC Bees, she runs conservation programming for children, community associations, and private organizations. Eliese has also published four books engaging the public about bees; the trilogy Little Bees On Bees: Solitary Bees, Bumble Bees, Gardening for Bees, and a book for supporting teachers educating children about the importance of bees Bee Inspired: Teaching Resource.

Eliese spends her time away from the bees with her husband and children in the garden, doing crafts, and connecting with friends and family.

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Gisele Hardock, Kids Classroom Presentations

Gisele Hardock, Kids Classroom Presentations

Gisele Hardock is a beekeeper and educator based near Cochrane, Alberta. A former homeschooling parent, she now works at a forest preschool and volunteers as a literacy tutor.  She has been a beekeeper for over 8 years, and has recently studied to become a Master Beekeeper through the University of Montana.  Combining many years experience working with children and a love of the natural world she brings knowledge and passion to the classroom.


We work hard to create The Hive Mentality within our communities. We do this through Programs and Partnerships. It is within these confines that we ensure that we can make the biggest difference in supporting ALL BEES in our urban and rural areas. Have a look around and see what we have been up to.



Our programs are built to help new beekeepers increase their beginner, intermediate and advanced skills and knowledge base to ensure that the community of beekeepers continues to grow in strength.

Our Beekeeping Programming

Collaborative Purchase of Bees- Nucs

ABC Bees Annual Internship



We believe that working within the community is the best way to ensure that we are best able to build connections with people, bees, and the land. We work with local businesses and organizations to support beekeeping in urban areas.

Heritage Park Field Days and Kids Camps

Swizzlesticks Salon and Spa Bee Mentorship

Kent of Inglewood Mentorship

Alberta Food Tours Mentorship

Shaw Communications Mentorship

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