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“We’re going to pop our noses in here and have a look and see what’s happening quite a lot of bees in there they’ve broken up the cluster.

We’re going to make sure we give them some feed some pollen and some candy so when I winter my hives i always have a quilted top box you can see here it’s full of wood shavings.

so when i come in in the spring you can see there’s like a little screen and some of the bees are even sneaking out of there what i’m going to do is i’m going to pull this screen back place the candy in this location and then put the aluminum tray over top and then close the hive up so it’s a nice little setup so the bees can move up to get the food but I’m not worrying about lifting the space between the inner cover or this quilted box and the top bars there’s no crushing of bees.

And here come the bees pull this open put the pollen patty all the pollen on top partially cover it there and then I’m gonna put the fondant on this side so they can reach both okay so we’ve got our pollen our fondant jammed open and kind of squished out and then I just put this little aluminum tray over top it limits the number of bees getting lost inside the wood shavings so I don’t end up having the cluster move up.

If it gets cold now and gets lost and dies inside here so we kind of keep that way cover it back up again put on the inner cover and put the lid on and then we just let them be for a little bit and see how they do.”

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