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Bottom Supering a Hive

Outcomes Learners will understand the concept of bottom supering in beekeeping, its benefits in hive management, and how it contributes to efficient honey storage and colony health.   Key Takeaways    Bottom supering involves placing a new honey super below the existing stack, close to the brood nest. Bees fill the new super faster during […]

Preparing a Mating Yard

Outcomes Learners will be able to optimize queen rearing success by selecting an ideal mating yard, ensuring genetic diversity, wind shelter, and effective management strategies.   Key Takeaways    The selection of the mating yard is a critical factor in the success of queen rearing, ensuring successful mating flights and genetic diversity. Considerations include surrounding […]

Ongoing Beekeeping Tasks

Outcomes Learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the year-round tasks necessary for successful beekeeping.   Key Takeaways    Beekeeping involves managing hives for honey production and immersing in the intricacies of nature. Successful year-round beekeeping requires adapting tasks to changing seasons. Seasonal preparation includes stocking up on feed, equipment, and medications. Regular hive inspections […]

Seasonal Beekeeping Tasks

Outcomes   Learners will have a clear understanding of the essential seasonal tasks necessary for effective beekeeping. Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding hobby or profession, but it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. To successfully manage your apiary, you need to follow a set of essential seasonal tasks that cater to the needs of your […]

Seasonal Indicators for Beekeeping

Outcomes Learners will be able to identify key seasonal indicators in beekeeping, including flow, temperature, and climate.   Key Takeaways    Flow signifies the period when nature provides abundant food for bees; it varies by region and year. Recognizing local flora indicators of flow helps plan hive activities. Temperature plays a crucial role, affecting tasks […]

Beekeeping Regulations

Outcomes Learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the essential steps to navigate beekeeping regulations   Key Takeaways    Understanding Beekeeping Regulations: Beekeeping comes with responsibilities and varying regulations, whether you’re in urban or rural areas. Provincial and state apiculture offices oversee key regulations, including bee and equipment registration. Municipal regulations can impose hive placement […]

Queen Rearing Equipment

Outcomes Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential queen rearing equipment.    Key Takeaways    Learn how to use essential equipment, such as the Chinese Grafting Tool, designed to delicately scoop out larvae and royal jelly from cells for precise grafting into queen cups. This tool streamlines the process and increases the chances of […]

Reducing Honey Bee Drift

Outcomes Learners will be able to understand the significance of painting beehive boxes for honey bee orientation and recognize the key factors to consider when painting their hive.    Key Takeaways    Bees have impressive navigation skills within their colonies, but drift can occur in apiaries with multiple colonies. Hive orientation and visual landmarks help […]

Queen Rearing Basics

Outcomes Learners will acquire a foundational understanding of the essential techniques and practices involved in raising queens.   Key Takeaways  The queen rearing process begins with the presence of purple-eyed drone pupa, indicating the drones’ sexual maturity for mating with new queens. Pre-feeding the hives with light syrup and pollen patties stimulates development and provides […]

Rotating Out Old Bee Comb

ABC Bees cycling out old bee comb

Outcomes Learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of comb rotation in beekeeping and the benefits it brings to maintaining healthy honey bee colonies. Key Takeaways  Importance of comb rotation: Over time, old brood combs become dark and contaminated with pesticides and disease organisms. To maintain a healthier environment for the bees and […]