Rotating Out Old Bee Comb

ABC Bees cycling out old bee comb

Outcomes Learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of comb rotation in beekeeping and the benefits it brings to maintaining healthy honey bee colonies. Key Takeaways  Importance of comb rotation: Over time, old brood combs become dark and contaminated with pesticides and disease organisms. To maintain a healthier environment for the bees and […]

Choosing the Right Bee Smoker

Outcomes Learners will understand the factors involved in choosing the right beekeeping smoker   Key Takeaways    Safety First: The most critical consideration when selecting a smoker for beekeeping is safety. Look for a smoker with a raised bottom chamber to prevent accidental fires, and ensure it includes a hook or mechanism to hang the […]

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Used Beekeeping Equipment

Outcomes Learners will assess the risks associated with used beekeeping equipment and recognize the advantages of investing in new gear.   Key Takeaways    Used beekeeping equipment may have structural weaknesses that can compromise bee colony safety. Previous bee colonies housed in used equipment may have faced health issues, leaving behind hidden threats of disease. […]