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All courses are accessible through our training platform. Once you have registered for a course or membership, you can log-in, see your courses, review content, track your progress, review your grades, and download your certificates of completion there. You can also access your Online Beekeeping Community Discussion Board on this site. 

You can log in by going directly to and click Sign In or you can click the Log In button at the top of every page of this site. 

There are 3 considerations to think of when choosing a beekeeping course with ABC Bees:
1. What are my goals with beekeeping?
2. How much time do I have to commit to learning about beekeeping?
3. How deep do I want to go with learning about beekeeping?

If your answer is cautious because you are new to bees, or are unsure of the time or the online learning experience, then we recommend Beekeeping Basics. This will ensure that you are guided through your first year, feel supported, but are not overwhelmed with information.

Level One Beekeeping Certificate is key if you are ready to start beekeeping and want to KNOW your seasonal management expectations.  The course digs deep in to WHY and HOW the bees are cared for month-to-month, season-to-season. You can do the course in 5-weeks through our post-secondary institutional partners, committing to 10 hours a week, or you can take the course self-guided on our platform and take 12 months to complete the course content.

The Better Beekeeping Business course is for you if you are serious about starting a business or side-hustle selling bees, honey, equipment, or other products. This 7-Month course includes about 5 hours a month commitment to course content, and at least 10-hours a month to business development. It also includes a mentorship call with Eliese, so committing to your dream of starting your own company is key. 

Every course that you enroll in and complete, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is downloadable and printable and can be used in your application process with your bylaw/municipality regulations. 

Both courses have the same content and the same learning outcomes. There are only a few differences.

Post-Secondary Level One Beekeeping Certificate

  1. The course must be completed in the 5-Week course schedule mandated by the registrar. If you do not complete the course, you will not receive your Certificate from the institution.
  2. There are Live, 1-hour  “Office Hours” with your teacher once a week. These sessions are not mandatory, but do offer an opportunity to have your questions answered quickly and easily.
  3. You will have 12-months access to the course, but only on the institutions platform, and not on the ABC Bees platform.

Self-Guided Level One Beekeeping Certificate

  1. The course can be completed at any-time within 12 months of enrolling in the course (this means you can take the course as you move through the beekeeping season).
  2. There are no live office hour sessions, but a teacher is readily available to answer your questions in the L1BK Community Space
  3. You will have 12-months access to the course from our Learning Platform and will be able to download your Certificate of Completion at any time once you have done so.

Our online learning platform is seamlessly integrated, with the user experience curated for your success. Once you enroll in a course or membership, and create a Log In username and password, you will find the courses and programs you are registered in organized in easy to access blocks.

All courses and memberships with ABC Bees, you can enroll at anytime. The programs are self-guided and the course content is at your disposal 24-hours a day. 

The Master Academy Membership renews its programming every January, and the course content, lectures and Quarterly Coaching Sessions are offered according to an annual schedule. If you enroll mid-season, you will have access to all previous lectures, and Quarterly Coaching Session recordings, as well as any previously released course content. 

You sure can! Each course builds on the previous course, and each courses content is unique to the program. If you have the drive to learn how to be a better beekeeper, learn from other beekeepers, and create a small-business plan in beekeeping, you can enroll in the Level One Beekeeping Certificate, Better Beekeeping Business Course, and the Master Academy Membership

If you have any questions at all, or need any support, please reach out to us through our Contact Page. We will do everything we can to ensure that your needs are met and that your questions are answered.

We have been selling nucleus colonies in partnership with Bill Stagg of Sweetacre Apiaries since 2009. Bill Stagg has been beekeeping and producing queens and colonies of bees since 2005.  An innovative and responsible beekeeper, Bill provides quality nucleus colonies with Canadian reared and selected genetic stocks.

Each February we open up bee sales for purchase for residents of Alberta and BC, with distribution in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. We do not ship or sell bees outside of these 2 provinces. 

When bees go up for sale, we first notify our community through our Monthly Newsletter and Student Community on our learning platform. Make sure you don’t miss and sign-up for our Monthly Newsletter or register for one of our Beekeeping Courses.

Beekeepers can purchase their bees through us on our website when the sales go live. You can find the link in the top menu of the site. If you do not see it there, it is because bee sales are closed. 

Each Spring, ABC Bees publishes our Beekeeping Field Day schedules and Workshops.

When these programs become available, we first notify our community through our Monthly Newsletter and Student Community on our learning platform. 

To make sure you don’t miss out on the coming seasons Field Programming, be sure to sign-up for our Monthly Newsletter or register for one of our Beekeeping Courses.

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