Our Story

Our thriving research and education apiary is focused on building the best beekeeping training programs while protecting all pollinators. We will use our expertise to implement solutions to the pollinator crisis. 

ABC Bees in an apiary and beekeeper training company located in the beautiful foothills of central Alberta. We started with a simple goal, to share our passion for beekeeping with other burgeoning beekeepers, and we have blossomed into a buzzing and thriving beekeeper training company. 

In Canada, anywhere between 80-90% of honey bees and queens purchased are coming from overseas locations like New Zealand and Hawaii, and there is a new movement of beekeepers that are not managing bees for commercial purposes, but rather for hobby or small scale production of honey and value added products. There is huge demand by these beekeepers to learn how to manage their bees ethically and sustainably. 

Since we began in 2010, our apiary is treatment-free, which means we never use pesticides or antibiotics in our management. This allows us to raise strong queen stocks for our region and produce the cleanest honey on the market. Our apiary is a small operation, running less than 100 colonies every year. This lets me focus on quality bee genetics with specific management strategies that encourage thriving and healthy colonies.

In our northern location, queen production is later than what can be produced in warmer climates. Even with these limitations,  we can produce 4 rounds of queens, dozens of early and late season splits, all the while, maintaining a self-sufficient operation. 

I wake up most days before the rooster crows and spend much of my time inspecting hives for quality traits like gentleness, disease resistance, and brood production. When I’m not beekeeping, I spend my time turning my experiences and knowledge into content that will help new beekeepers meet success.

ABC Bees started with a simple goal, to share our knowledge of beekeeping, and we have blossomed into a buzzing and thriving beekeeper training company. 

I think the reason ABC Bees has been so successful is because I have developed programming and curriculum as a beginner myself, growing as a beekeeper with the content. This has made the training that I offer not only accessible, but also inclusive. There is no expectation of expertise, no matter how long or how new to beekeeping you may be!

In 2015 our Level One Beekeeping Course became post-secondary accredited, allowing us to offer our home-grown, experiential training program as a college certificate. We have been teaching other bee lovers the secrets to small scale apiary management, honey production and sustainable beekeeping practices.

Honey bees are more than just livestock to me, they’re a way of life. I try to emulate their generosity and stewardship in everything I do. I want to give to the community as much as the bees have given to me.

I think I was born to be a beekeeper. I love nature and I love working outside. 

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