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Whether you want to:

Raise bees in a self-sufficient way, without inputs or treatments

Raise your own queens from colonies you already love…

Learn more about bee behaviour and hive health considerations…

You’re in the right place

Honey bee husbandry is a life-long learned skill that takes mentorship, observation and experience. All beekeepers, old and young, will always be mesmerized and perplexed by these little creatures.

By bringing together honey bee researchers and mentors, we are inviting you to join us in a 12 month, 12 speaker event, running the entire year of 2021. Our aim is to explore natural beekeeping methods, building stronger and more empathetic practices in honey bee care.

Each guest speaker will present on Zoom the third Saturday of each month from
11am MST-12:30pm MST

We invite you to register, log in, and join us in the live presentation. Each topic of study will cover the projected management schedules you may be preparing for the coming months.

You will always have access to the recorded presentations!

We have invited 12 leading experts in
sustainable apiary management
to share their knowledge with you!

Every third Saturday at 11 AM MST we go LIVE!
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Here Are Some Of Our Anticipated Speakers…

TomSeeley Feb2020 (distant) – Thomas Seeley (1)

Darwinian beekeeping is an evolutionary approach to beekeeping, one that seeks to provide managed honey bee colonies with living conditions that are as close as possible to those of wild honey bee colonies.

Dr. Tom Seeley

January 16, 2021

Patricia manages the National Bee Diagnostic Centre and will be sharing the importance of surveillance, when and what to collect.

Patricia Wolf-Viega

February 20, 2021

With almost 20 years of nucleus colony and queen production in BC. He will be sharing his focus on honey bee health from a holistic perspective. Focusing on health instead of disease

Bill Stagg

March 20, 2021
Research Gov Award Winners – Shelley Hoover

Shelley's research focuses on honey bee health and management, queen production and breeding, and nutrition, as well as canola pollination. She will share her queen rearing strategies used in southern Alberta.

Shelley Hoover

April 17, 2021
photo of Les – Leslie Crowder

Les Crowder is the author the book “Top-Bar Beekeeping”. He has taught beekeeping for nearly 40 years. He will talk about varroa mites and treatment-free beekeeping.

Les Crowder

May 15, 2020
Hilary Kearney – Girl Next Door Honey

Hilary Kearney is the author of the book, Queenspotting. She founded Girl Next Door Honey in 2012. This talk will cover: recognizing signs of swarming, swarm suppression, and how to catch a swarm.

Hilary Kearney

June 19, 2021
MeWithAVeil – Michael Bush (1)

Michael Bush is an internationally recognized author and speaker on natural beekeeping. He will be sharing ``How to Know if Your Hive is Queenless`` and answer a lot of Q & A from participants!

Michael Bush

July 17, 2021
mel with bee on finger – Melanie Kirby

Melanie consults with beekeepers around the world and, participates in local, regional, and international programs. She will be sharing ``Flying High with the Bees: Keeping bees at high altitudes and in northern latitudes.``

Melanie Kirby

August 21, 2020
Headshot_final – Renata Borba

Dr. Renata Borba is the Alberta Tech Transfer Team lead. This presentation will focus on how bees collect and use the antimicrobial properties of plant resins within the hive as a form of social immunity.

Dr. Renata Borba

September 18, 2021
Steve pernal

Dr. Steve Pernal works with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as a Research Scientist in Beaverlodge, Alberta. This presentation will cover techniques for wintering honey bee colonies.

Steve Pernal

October 16, 2020
19622859_478103602538400_9215688997492228096_n – Kirk Anderson

Kirk co-Founded the Backwards Beekeepers in Los Angeles. He will open the floor to Questions and Answers on backyard and Urban Beekeeping

Kirk Anderson

November 20, 2021
jim_sarah_lores – sarah common

Sarah is the Executive Director of Hives for Humanity (H4H) Society. Jim is an active community member, working with H4H. Their topic is ``Bees in Community: Land, food, nature, health and wellness``

Sarah Common and Jim McLeod

December 18, 2021