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Bringing the lives of native bees and honey bees to your finger tips and e-readers through easy to navigate and insightful books.

Since starting my first beehive as a young woman, I’ve been sharing what I have learned about beekeeping, native bees, and habitat conservation with others. Over the years, I have worked with other passionate beekeepers and native bee enthusiasts, learning more about bees, their unique differences and connections, and chronicled my experiences and increased knowledge through my beekeeping blog and social media. As more people asked more and more questions, we pulled our resources together to produce high quality educational materials about garden plants, and the pollinators that depend on them.

I’m thrilled that I now can share what we’ve learned and introduce others to the joys of conserving bee habitat and through our books. The ABC Bees team and I pour a lot of love and intention into every page and our hope is that these books inspire you to make space for all pollinators in your life.



Little Books on Bees

Small changes can add up to big results. Habitat loss and fragmentation are considered to be the leading causes of the loss of bee diversity and populations. However, one need not look further than their own backyard (or balcony) to find a powerful remedy to the plight of the bees.

This book will help you identify the bees visiting your garden, assess your green spaces, and create the ideal habitat to support pollinator health.  This book contains gardening tips and recommended plant lists for the Southern Alberta region, however, the basic concepts can be applied throughout North America.



Little Books on Bees

This book will provide you with the tools you need to recognize bumble bees and other social bees. It is a friendly, concise resource that will help you create spaces that provide food and shelter for Bumble bees and a wide range of native pollinators.

Bumble bees are easily the most recognizable genera of bees, their fuzzy appearance and docile temperament make them a backyard favourite. Like many other bees, bumble bee populations are facing serious decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation.



Little Books on Bees

Solitary bees account for 90% of all North American species, with over 350 calling Alberta home. Despite their diversity and range, solitary bees are often overlooked because they do not live in colonies or produce honey.

This book will provide you with the tools you need to recognize the solitary bees in your garden. It is a friendly, concise resource that will help you create spaces that provide food and shelter for solitary bees and a wide range of native pollinators



Teaching Resource

Bee Inspired: Teaching Resource took 5 years to complete. It is a compendium of bee knowledge focussed to support specifically teachers, looking for unique ways in which to support children’s learning.

Educating teachers about the complexities of bees and their habitats, the book also supports going deeper in to the content, through our “Opportunities for Inquiry” chapter pull-outs. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking about bees and how the structures and systems they display are reflected in other systems in our world. A beautiful, eye-opening and engaging book, this is a resource that no teacher can go without.



BONUS Honey Bee Diseases and Pests

An excellent resource book for anybody keeping bees in the prairies. Extensively researched and well-illustrated. Softcover edition, coil-bound. Beekeeping in Western Canada includes information about getting started in beekeeping, spring management of bees, winter feeding, honey extraction, honey bee health, and marketing your beeswax, pollen and honey crops. We are also including Honey Bees Diseases and Pests, a publication from the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists.

This FREE third edition of “Honey Bee Diseases & Pests” is 68 pages long and is a complete rewrite of the second edition. Included are a number of new sections on exotic threats, expanded contents on pesticides, a new integrated pest management chapter and new diagnostic table of diseases.



The Collection

Our Little Book on Bees Collection, is made up of three books: Bumble Bees, Solitary Bees, and Gardening for Bees.

Each of these books is a beautifully illustrated resource, and self-published by ABC Bees. We carefully crafted each book with the demands of the Southern Alberta climate in mind, however, the basic principles can be applied throughout North America.  These books can be read in any order, and each one highlights the simple actions you can take to support native pollinators in our communities.

Have all the details of gardening for bumble bees and solitary bees; nesting habitats, garden designs, species identifications and more. Get in front of the conservation effort, and make the easy, guided changes in your backyard!