The Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of Bees

  • Get the best Canadian bees to hobby or small-scale beekeepers
  • Make sure that those committed to offering the highest care to the bees receive them
  • The flow of education, mentorship, and community are supported by our participants

We have developed a system to ensure that these priorities occur in our Collaborative Purchase of honey bees annually. We are bringing in 300 nucleus colonies in 2021 and we are eager and excited to engage YOU and help you meet your beekeeping goals.


STEP 1: Fill out the Application


Because of software issues, we are revoking the requirement to take the quiz for the second round of applications for nucs (February 15-March 5, 2021) BUT there are less nucs available for purchase as the first round as absorbed a lot of the nucs. So we are going to review applications closely and they will be treated as FIRST COME FIRST SUPPLIED.
If you apply too late after the nucs have been placed, you will be put on a waitlist, but will not be guaranteed bees.

STEP 3: Pay for invoice received the first weeks of March

SECOND ROUND Honey Bee Application

February 15-March 5, 2021

CHCP Honeybee Application Completion Deadline
They are being sold First-Come-First-Sold
based on Application Completion Date

CHCP Honey Bees Notification of Application
March 8, 2021

Honey Bees Payment Deadline
2 weeks after you receive the invoice and no later than March 21th, 2021

Honey Bee Nucleus Distributions

Round 1 of Distribution:
2020 Overwintered Queens
Calgary Only
– May 22, 2021

Round 2 of Distribution:
2021 BC Bred Queens

Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton-May 29-30, 2021

Fees for 2021

Honey Bee Nucs: $240
Wooden Nuc Box: $20
Transportation: $10
Management Fee*: $15
Total cost per nuc: $295

*The management fee includes the organization of BC and Alberta inspections by the provincial apiculture departments, as well as the permit for transport. You will receive the inspection reports from us before receipt of the bees!

About the Bees

This is our 13th year of the program and partnership with Bill. Since 2009 we have been bringing in honey bees from in Sweetacre Apiaries.  Bill Stagg has been beekeeping and producing queens and colonies of bees since 2005. Bill recently took over John Gates queen breeding operation and is expanding his queen production to 1000 queens this year. An innovative and responsible beekeeper, Bill provides quality nucleus colonies with Canadian reared and selected genetic stocks. Meet Bill in our video.