ABC Bees in an apiary and beekeeper training company located in the beautiful foothills of central Alberta. We have been raising queens since 2010 and began making these queen stocks available for sale in 2018.

Our queens are bred from the top survival colonies in our apiaries that show:

  • low mite counts
  • strong spring build up
  • gentleness
  • honey conservation (post winter weight)

Queen Sales Updates

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Since we began in 2010, our apiary is treatment-free, which means we never use pesticides or antibiotics in our management. This allows us to raise strong queen stocks for our region and produce the cleanest honey on the market. Our apiary is a small operation, running less than 100 colonies every year. This lets me focus on quality bee genetics with specific management strategies that encourage thriving and healthy colonies.

In our northern location, queen production is later than what can be produced in warmer climates. Even with these limitations,  we can produce 4 rounds of queens, dozens of early and late season splits, all the while, maintaining a self-sufficient operation. Our first round of queens available for sale comes up in late June.