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“Hi, I’m Bill Stagg, Sweetacre Apiaries in the Shuswap. The southern interior region of British Columbia, Canada, and today we’re going to install one of our very own four-frame nucs.

one thing I’ve done here is I have some empty boxes and I am going to open up this box and shift the nuc over here. So what we’ve done here is we’ve lit in a smoker we’re ready to go we’re gonna install the nuc so we can drift a little bit of smoke in.

So if you are going to leave this box on top of your hive for a few days you’re going to want to cover the top there are ventilation screens in the top which is great for transportation but if it starts raining out or if the weather’s miserable you don’t want that weather pouring into the nuc.

so now that the lid is ready to come off I’m going to pick up the Nucbox and move it to the side I can go right over here and now this has already been prepped ready for the Nuc to go in I can lift this lid off and look at that they’re nice and quiet.

You want to be careful when you’re pulling that first frame out of your nuc box you don’t want to fight it out I can use the back side of my hive tool I can pull them apart I can use a sharp edge to go in between the lugs in between the edges of the frame and pry them apart.

So here we go so, there are bees on here and that’s a feed frame so there’s lots of actually fresh pollen in there this is all stored honey that’s a nice heavy feed frame so that’s a good sign bees on both sides there we go so another thing to keep in mind too is the order of the frames how you’re taking them out of the nuc box you want to mirror that in your brood box.

So again, I can be nice and careful and pull up the next frame we’re almost done you can see all that cap honey there the inside all covered with bees, and look at that there’s some open brood on here too so two and a half frames of brood, not the biggest nuc out there but it’s still a little bit early so this wouldn’t even be in the customer’s hands for a couple more week.

We’ve just installed our four-frame nuc simple as that

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